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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DC Showcase: The Spectre Review

Well, yesterday, I reviewed the latest DC Universe straight-to-DVD animated movie, Crisis on Two Earths, and there was a bonus feature on the DVD that I thought deserved it's own review. And that is...

DC Showcase: The Spectre

Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos

Starring the voices of Gary Cole, Alyssa Milano, Jeff Bennet, Rob Paulson, and Jon Polito.

Backstory: So, in the never-ending quest for new bonus materials for this DC comics straight-to-DVD movies, they came with a great new concept. They're going to start taking some of DC Comic's more beloved B- and C-list heroes, and making them the stars of their own animated short film. All of these short films will be under the banner "DC Showcase," and we just got the first one, focusing on the Spirit of Vengeance in the DC Universe, The Spectre.

Plot: Detective Jim Corrigan is assigned to solve the murder of Hollywood playboy Foster Brenner. Turns out Corrigan and Brenner's daughter, Aimee, once had a thing. Corrigan begins his investigation, and with the help of his heroic alter-ego, the Spectre, makes sure that each accomplice gets their ghostly comeuppance. But, will the trail come back to Corrigan's beloved Aimee?

What I Liked: This short is very much set in the 1970s. The soundtrack, the character designs, they even added a whole bunch of film scratches to make it look all Grindhouse-y. For a while there, it felt like I was 15 again, watching Heavy Metal late at night on TBS. And it's a nice spooky script by the currently very popular horror comic writer Steve Niles.

What I Didn't Like: As introduction to the character of the Spectre, it falls a little flat, as you're left wondering exactly who he is and what his powers are.

Final Verdict: A very entertaining short film! I can hardly wait until the next DC Showcase offering.

3.5 Nibs

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