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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Robots in Disguise, Real American Heroes, and the Cap

A few bits of movie news have come my way that I feel like passing along.

One of my buddies, who's a fellow fan of 1980s cartoons, recently sent me a text message. "Hey, what's going on with Transformers 3?" he asked. "And how about G.I. Joe 2? Will there be a G.I. Joe 2?"

As if on cue, there then followed a couple of big announcements on Transformers 3 back on Monday. Some how, director Michael Bay managed to land Oscar winner Frances McDormand and multiple-Oscar nominee John Malkovich to the cast. Who they'll be playing, we don't know yet. Seeing as to how we saw John Turturo in his underpants for far too much of the first two films, I expect Bay will make McDormand do full-frontal nudity.

Just to be clear: I don't want to see full-frontal nudity from Frances McDormand. But knowing what Bay has done in the past, I'm expecting it.

Also added to the cast is Ken Jeong, still best known as "the guy in the trunk in The Hangover."

Also added to the cast...a Ferrari. Yes, Bay has signed a promotional deal with Ferrari, so a new Autobot will turn into a Ferrari.

Meanwhile, over on G.I. Joe 2, as I told my buddy, the first one made enough money to justify a sequel. Both Hasbro and Paramount want to make it happen. Back in January, Paramount hired Rhette Reese and Paul Wernick, writers of the hit comedy Zombieland, to write it, and that's the last development there's been.

And now, the latest Marvel hero to get the big screen treatment, Captain America, is moving closer to hitting your local cineplex. It was just announced that Chris Evans has signed on to play Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. Evans, of course, is no stranger to the Marvel universe, having played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films.

Joe Johnson, director of The Rocketeer, Jumanji, Jurassic Park 3, and, most recently, the remake of The Wolfman, will be directing. They start filming this summer for a summer 2011 release.

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