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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Troy Legacy Trailer

Oh, yeah, baby! It's the first trailer for one of my most anticipated films of 2010, the long-awaited sequel to Disney's cult classic sci-fi action film, ladies and gents, Tron Legacy!

You know, in a way, I'm disappointed with this trailer. What can I say? It just looks a little too slick and a little too polished.

The first film has a very unique look to it. It was accomplished by filming it on black and white cameras, and adding all the glowing lines with traditional, hand-drawn animation. Specifically, a technique called backlight animation. Throw in the fact that there was a problem in storing the film stock, causing the picture to flicker. It was so grainy and so rough that it was part of the charm.

But with this one, like I said, it is so polished. It reminds me of the first computer animated films from 15 years ago, where they hadn't quite figured out how to do surfaces yet and everything looked so smooth and shiny.

That being said, though, this trailer still gives me goosebumps and I can hardly wait to see it!

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