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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inception Review and the Latest Social Network

First, the housekeeping.  My latest movie review is up!  Saw Inception last week, and finally jotted down my review.

Click here to read it.

And now, the latest social networking trend.  If the media hype is to believed, the next big social networking trend is Empire Avenue.  And by "the media hype," I mean this one story I saw on the news last night.  Anyway, I thought I would sign up for it today, because if it truly is going to be the next big thing, I wanted to be sure to nab my "chaosinabox" handle before someone else beat me to it. 

What it is is a social networking site based on the stock market.  Every time you do something, you earn money.  You don't "make friends," you "buy shares" in other people.  The more stuff you do online, and more shares people buy in you, the greater your "influence." 

I've only been on for a few hours, and I instantly dislike it.  The stock market gimmick is a little too complicated.  Essentially, what they've done is find a way to track your online activity, and assign a worth to it.  This network seems completely geared to advertisers, and showing off how many eyeballs the site attracts through "influence." 

Actually, the whole thing reminds me of that recent South Park episode, where Cartman did a whole video podcast on how to get more friends on Facebook and which friends will increase your popularity on Facebook.  Playing around on Empire Avenue, I've already seen a few video podcasts like that.  "Buy this person to increase your worth!" 

I don't know.  It's the same reaction I've had to Facebook and Twitter when I first started.  I'll play with it for a few months, and if I like it, I'll stick around.

So, I guess I should encourage all of you to buy Chaos in a Box!

Oh, and I have to blog this verification code so my blog entries start adding to my worth:


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