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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How the Mainstream Media Works, Part 27

The sad truth is, I seem to be running out of old radio experiments on my hard drive.  When I made the transfer from my beat up old laptop to my shiny new desktop a few years ago, it looks like most of my experiments didn't make the transfer.  I'm tempted to get my old laptop out, fire it up, and see if I can find some, but I also think first I should try to get my laptop fixed.

I dunno about my laptop...I think I picked up a virus or something.  I've deleted pretty much everything that's non-essential from it, and it keeps telling me the hard drive is full.  I wouldn't mind getting my laptop operational again, if only to use as a netbook when I'm on the road.

But I'm still finding one or two things to blog about.  A few weeks ago, when I first started this, I began with my dramatic rendition/production of How the Mainstream Media Works, Part 26, which was a blog entry by writer Todd Babiak when he still worked for the Edmonton Journal and wrote a blog there.  I always did like Mr. Babiak's writing...I really should saunter on down to the library one of these days and check out his novels.

Anyway, it turns I adapted another of his blog entries into a dramatic reading/one-man radio play thingie.  I chose the very appropriate How the Mainstream Media Works, Part 27.

I really did like his series of How the Mainstream Media Works blog entries...I do remember wanting to attempt to produce a couple more like this before I got distracted and moved on to something else.

But anyway, here's my reading of How the Mainstream Media Works, Part 27 by Todd Babiak.

How the Mainstream Media Works, Part 27 by Mark Cappis

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