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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Fishing in the Discount Bin - MegaMind

Fishing in the Discount Bin time!  A series inspired by a friend of mine who said, "You know what I'd like to see you do, Mark?  Watch one of the many DVDs in your collection and just go off on it!"  So that's what I do.  Today, we get to the one DreamWorks animated film that made me drop my money and go see it in the theatre in a long time...MegaMind.  This review is originally dated March 13, 2011.  

Just finished watching MegaMind on Blu-Ray...not sure how much more I can add to my review from when I saw it in theatres a few months ago.  As I said in that review, I haven't been too impressed with Dreamworks, but they seem to be turning things around.  I was delightfully surprised when I finally got around to seeing Kung Fu PandaHow To Train Your Dragon has gotten so many good reviews that I hope to rent it sooner rather than later.  And so I finally gave Dreamworks another shot theatrically with MegaMind because, like a lot of geeks, I think superheroes and animation are just made to go together.

So yeah, MegaMind.  As for voice acting, Will Ferrell brings the funny.  And Tina Fey...God, I love her so.  She's got some really great lines in this film.  "I say we go back to your lair, grab some death rays, hold them sideways, and get all gangsta!" 

My biggest problem with MegaMind is that the whole thing is so damn formulaic.  We've got the unexpected hero, using deception to woo the woman of his dreams.  We've got a fight with the best friend that really seems to be in there because...OK, this is the part of the movie where that's supposed to happen.  And, that one main sticking point with Dreamworks, the soundtrack full of adult hits radio friendly songs.  Don't get me wrong, they're good songs, but I hear them at work every day.

I still think a great superhero tale can be made from its premise:  Supervillain is faced with the question "Now what do I do with my life?" after finally defeating the superhero. 

When i saw the film theatrically, I almost regret not seeing it in 3D.  All Dreamworks animated films -- hell, ALL animated films -- are now filmed in 3D.  And yeah, in MegaMind, there's so much stuff being thrown at the screen that it's very very distracting.

Should I get into the long, drawn out plot description like I usually do?  Nah...I don't feel like writing it.

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