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Sunday, September 06, 2020

This week, Episode 10.20: The Procrastination Game


U62: The Targ - The Chaos in a Box Podcast

It’s a grey, rainy, windy day, making it tough to get motivated to make a podcast. Because I cannot let down my 20 listeners! I still find a few things to talk about. Disney’s live-action Mulan has dropped on Disney+, so I explored to find out how exactly it works. We got a new trailer for the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, so I offer up my thoughts. Over on The Streaming Report, I give my thoughts on Star Trek: Lower Decks and Muppets Now. And I wrap things up by giving my opinion on the Alberta hyperloop. 

All on Episode 10.20: The Procrastination Game!

Where to listen:

And if you  haven't seen that No Time to Die trailer, check it out here!

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