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Sunday, September 27, 2020

This Week, Episode 10.22: Autumnal Arrival

U62: The Targ -- The Chaos in a Box Podcast


Well, the first day of fall has come and gone. With autumn here, it’s time to get out and do stuff! So that way, I have adventures to podcast about.

I decided to take my first trip to West Edmonton Mall all year, which results in a rant about collectors. We’ve got another Mark Tastes Random Things, where I sample KFC’s new Famous Chicken chicken sandwich. On The Streaming Report, I watch a ton of Flintstones reruns, and I wrap things up by watching that sweet, sweet WandaVision trailer.

All in Episode 10.22: Autumnal Arrival!

Listen in:

And in case you missed that WandaVision trailer, check it out!

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