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Saturday, June 07, 2003

I'm getting wonderfully paranoid right now. I stopped in at work one last time the other day, and several students have told me that they've begun e-mailing me. Thing is, I haven't gotten the messages. Seeing as to how my inbox is usually filled with 100 spam messages and 2 personal messages, I'm getting increasingly paranoid that I may be accidentally deleting these messages. What can I say, when the spam to personal messagess ratio is 50:1, I start thinking, "If it's not from someone I know, it must be spam."

I'm also growing more and more obsessed with seeing this Japanese movie called Battle Royale. ToyFare magazine called it "one of the creepiest movies ever made." The premise is this: the government is starting to think that today's teenagers are getting to rowdy, so they take a typical high school class of 42 students, strand them on a deserted island, give them a bunch of weapons, and the students have three days to kill each other. Last one alive wins. Oh, and each student is outfitted with an exploding collar, so if they break the rules of this "game," their heads are blown off. A sequel comes out in a matter of weeks.

Next issue...On the Road.

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