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Friday, June 20, 2003

I have made my triumphant return to Kumagaya! My last full day in Japan before heading home to the Great White North. Taking a moment to check e-mail, and made the last additions to my DVD stockpile: Strange Brew, X-Men 1.5 and An Evening with Kevin Smith. The big debate for me has been which DVD will I watch first when I return. Will it be the appropriate Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? A marathon screening of the entire Back to the Future trilogy? No, I think the first thing will be Spider-Man. It was my parents' Christmas gift to me, and while watching it on my tiny little laptop screen was cool, let's watch it on a real TV.

I'm having a lot of fun playing with time differences. Tomorrow, I will be a time traveller, going back in time 24 hours! At 4pm on Saturday June 20, I will be arriving at both Narita Airport in Tokyo and Edmonton International in Canada! Cool, eh?

Final reflections:
What I'll miss about Japan:
- convenience stores that sell underwear
- melon soda
- cheap, reliable public transportation
- cute-as-a-button Japanese schoolgirls roaming the streets
- flavoured Kit Kats
- top notch customer service wherever you go
- those curry and nan chicken sandwiches they serve at KFC
- karaoke (although I got to do far too little)
- onsens

What I won't miss about Japan:
- earthquakes
- the ungodly Kumagaya heat
- damn expensive movies
- ladies of the evening accosting me on the way home from work asking me if I want a "massagee"
- drunken Japanese businessmen roaming the streets
- crowds, crowds, crowds

Priorities upon return to Canada:
- Get my laptop fixed
- Make sure NAIT got my tuition deposit so I can go back to school this fall
- Get back on Alberta Health Care
- Start finding a place in Edmonton for when I go back to school this fall
- Nail down a date on which Trouble and I will go see a movie. (I'd better watch that. I'll wind up restarting the rumour that we're dating.)
- Find a girlfriend (although that's really more of a life goal)

First thing I want to eat that's homecooked is a big ol' Alberta steak with a ton of pyrogies. First thing that I want to eat that's NOT homecooked is a greasy Hawaiian pizza from the Riverside Diner. Oh, and somewhere in it all my parents have to drag me to the greasy Chinese restaurant in Evansburg so I can show off my chopstick skills.

I leave Japan in 27 hours. Who's tingling? I am.

Next issue...Back in the Basement

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