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Thursday, June 05, 2003

It's official. I'm an unemployed virgin gaijin stranded in Japan and soon to be homeless. My contract ended yesterday, so now the panic begins!

I leave Japan on June 21, but I still have no real plans in place as to what I'm going to do. I just have vague ideas to check out Mt. Fuji and Nagano. Hang out in the Japan Alps.

And right now I'm just geeking out over the trailer for The Incredibles. This is the new film from Brad Bird, director of my all-time favourite movie The Iron Giant. He teamed up with the Pixar crew to make this film, for Christmas 2004. But, they threw together a trailer to show in front of Finding Nemo, and damn, is it funny. That settles it. First movie I see when I get back is Finding Nemo.

Two more days to homelessness...and Matrix Reloaded.

Next issue...Dreams of Past Futures

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