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Monday, June 02, 2003

One thing I will miss about Japan: Easy, cheap, reliable public transportation

One thing I won't miss about Japan: Easy, cheap reliable public transportation where they cram you into the rail cars like sardienes and just when your ribs are being crushed and you can hardly breath THEY PUSH ON MORE PEOPLE AND THEN YOU START PULLING OUT OF THE STATION AND YOU GET FLATTENED AGAINST THE WALL AS THE ENTIRE CROWD IS THRUST TOWARDS YOU!!!

This actually reminds me of an idea I had for sci-fi one time: the utilization of spacial distortions to maximize space in cars. This came about with all those car commercials advertising how much space they have. So, I started thinking, why not just use a spatial distortion to make a car interior as big as humanly possible? Thanks to a spacial distortion, you can have the same interior volume of a three story Victorian mansion in a sub-compact car. How's that for legroom?

But then, I started thinking, what would happen if you were in a car accident? What would happen if the spacial distortion were ruptured? I eventually figured that it would be like when a woman drops her overstuffed purse: it explodes and throws things everywhere. So, if one of these spatial distortion cars were ever in an accident, you'd probably find the contents strewn all over the 6-lane highway.

Next issue...Circuit Breaker!

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