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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Titanic Tuesday!

Another of those DVD mega-special editions I've been waiting for for oh-so-long comes out today:

Titanic: Special Collector's Edition

This 3-disc edition finally gives you everything you ever wanted to know about the 1997 classic. Three running commentaries, completed deleted scenes, and a slew of featurettes! I wouldn't mind having it under my Christmas tree.

Now, last week I told you that there was something controversial about this DVD. And here it is. Originally, it was going to be a 4-disc special edition, and the fourth disc was going to have a brand-new, huge, documentary about the making of the film. (Similar to Empire of Dreams with the Star Wars Trilogy boxed set.) The documentary was finished, it was all ready to be pressed to DVD but, at the last minute, Titanic writer/director James Cameron pulled the plug! He refused to release the documentary!

So, the question on everyone's mind is...why?

Oh, well. It's still a nicely stacked special edition.

Some other notable DVD releases today:

The Wizard of Oz - This classic film also gets a long-deserved mega-special edition. You can go for the nicely-stacked 2-disc special edition, or you can get the 3-disc special edition that contains the original Wizard of Oz silent films made by Oz author L. Frank Baum back in the 1910's!

Alias: The Complete Fourth Season - Better include this for my best friend, who's simply nuts about this show.

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein Volume 1 - HOLY SHIT!! I can't believe this made it to DVD. The highly surreal Canadian children's show, starring Billy Van in every role, makes it to DVD. This particular disc contains the first four episodes of the show.

Kids in the Hall: The Complete Third Season - Speaking of surreal Canadian shows.... You get running commentaries by the Kids, and very old footage from some of their first public performances.

Tripping the Rift: Season One - My god, nothing but surreal Canadian shows this week! The incredibly raunchy and very funny sci-fi cartoon made for Space: the Imagination Station. All thirteen episodes from Season 1.

And that's it. Well, that's all that I find notable.

So, for those who have lived in Alberta for a long time, then you know that, whenever the economy is doing good, the Government toys with the notion of building a high-speed rail line between Edmonton and Calgary.

Today, Infastructure Minister Lyle Oberg decided to settle this once and for all.

He's commissioned a study to find out if Albertans would actually use such a thing. Oberg is very pessimistic, citing that far too many Albertans love to drive rather than take the train.

I think there's more support for this than one may think.

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