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Friday, October 07, 2005

So, if you were listening to Sonic 102.9 about 40 minutes ago, then you heard the news. As with every other job application I've sent out in the past 6 months, it turned out to be the Kobayoshi Maru. That's Star Trek talk for "I lost."

But see, here's the thing about this contest.

Only by my losing can you vote for me!

That's right, I am now in contention for their "wild card" spot, which is where you the listener get to vote your favourite loser back into the running! And boy o boy, do I hope I'm your favourite loser.

Voting begins on Friday, October 14 at 1000h (that's 10AM for those who don't watch Star Trek) and ends on Sunday, October 16 at 1800h (that's 6PM for those who never read G.I. Joe comics). You vote online at their official website, http://www.radiosonic.fm.

And if you read my website, then I'll warn you that I'll probably dedicate this week's column to a special "vote for me!" spectacular. I'm going to try to get an Internet grassroots campaign going. Hey, back at Augustana, an Internet grassroots campaign got my arch-enemy, the co-editor of the school paper, to declare me "the most fascinating person on campus," so I know it can work.

So, that's where things sit right now. If there's one thing I learned from Star Trek II and the Kobayoshi Maru, there's always a way to beat the no-win scenario.

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