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Monday, January 29, 2007

the Best Defence is a Good Offence

Here's the latest reason why I'm not a fan of the Conservative Party.

It's been talk all weekend that the Tories are preparing a whole new series of attack ads against the Liberal party and their new leader, Stephane Dion.

They're launching attack ads. Why the hell are the Tories launching attack ads?

1) Last time I checked, the Conservatives were still the ruling party in the government.

2) There's no election in sight.

So, why the hell do the Conservatives feel it necessary to run attack ads against the opposition?

Now, it's true, it is a minority government, and lots of folks have been talking that the government might collapse and we'll have another election this year. So, this could be seen as the Conservatives getting a free ride.

Another reason that the Conservatives are doing this has been given by the Conservatives themselves in various panel shows over the weekend. As we all know, the Tories are kinda paranoid about the press. So, they're saying they have to do this because the press has been giving Dion a "free ride" when it comes to environmental matters, so they needed to expose "the truth" about Dion.

And, of course, the Tories are acting all high and mighty, saying, "We're not attacking him! His own caucus is!" They say that because all of the "attacks" are taken from the Liberal leadership debate from back in November.

All I know is this is symptimatic of the same problems that the PC's have here in Alberta. There's something about the whole Tory mentality that doesn't like to be questioned. And in our form of government, where there's a full-blown opposition party, well, the Tories tend to take things personal kinda quickly.

Or maybe it's because the Tories were the opposition party for so long, and made such a career out of questioning the Liberals that they just can't stop themselves.

All I know is that these attack ads are paranoid and unwarranted.

Here, I found one on YouTube already:

They start airing during the Super Bowl, in 6 days.

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