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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Eat the Rich

It's a slow minute at work, and I just have to take the time to share this news story that came down the wire.

I share it mainly out of nostalgia...10 years ago now, in my time at university, I knew people who read a statistic like this and be enraged by it...no doubt, it would lead to a scathing editorial in the Dag, and a protest, if the Social Justice Club were up to it.

I also do it because a part of me, a remnant from university, is kind of enraged by it.

As I post this, it's just after 9:46 AM on January 2. What's so significant about this time and date?

By this time, the top 100 corporate executives in Canada have made as much money as your annual salary.

The top 100 corporate excutives in Canada have made, in their first 46 minutes of work in 2007, as much money as you will make all year.

By the close of business, they will have quite easily have made more money than you will all year.

All collage aged folks out there...start your protests.

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