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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscar Nominations!

One of the best things about working in a news room is the Oscar nominations coming down the news wire as soon as they're announced!

Everyone's already offering up their lists and their predictions and all that, so, as always, I'm going to offer up my picks in my favourite category...the category I've been able to successfully predict every year since its inception...Best Animated Film!

This was one of the most cutthroat years for Best Animated Film, as we had the maximum number of qualifying films for a 3-nomination year. The 3 nominees for Best Animated Film are:

Happy Feet
Monster House

The one nomination that surprises me is Monster House, seeing as to how reviews were kind of "meh" and it did similarily at the box office. I'm still tempted to rent it, though. The nerds online say that Monster House is a throwback to all the great kids adventure films of the 80s, like The Goonies.

Anyway, my "never wrong in the five years this category has existed" prediction for Best Animated Film is....

Happy Feet

Why? It's cleaning up at the box office, and the reviews are mostly positive...two factors that always guarantee a win in this category.

As always, when I'm off work, I'll have a complete list of nominations and my picks in my favourite categories over at my main site.

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