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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Transformers in IMAX and on DVD

Just finished watching Transformers on DVD...I still love that movie. But I still wish they made more shout-outs to the fans. For example, why couldn't have Sam's online name been "Spike?" Why couldn't the All Spark have been called "the Creation Matrix?" Things like that.

Anyway, as you may know, I paid the extra money to see it in IMAX a couple of weeks ago. I think I blogged about this, but the IMAX version is a director's cut...Michael Bay went back and added another 5 minutes worth of scenes to the IMAX version. After watching it on DVD, I can confidently tell you that this is what was added to the IMAX version:

Sam at the police station - OK, you remember this. Sam is being interrogated by the police. In the regular version and the DVD version, the scene ends with the trigger-happy detective daring Sam to take his gun, and Sam says, "Are you on drugs?" In the IMAX version, it goes on a little bit longer. After the "Are you on drugs?" line, Sam's dad goes, "OK, we're done here," and they get up to leave. But, before they go, the detective makes Sam watch the now-classic "This is your brain on drugs" PSA (which, incidentally, was also directed by Michael Bay). Sam rolls his eyes throughout, and when he leaves, the detective warns him one last time to "stay off mojo."

Agent Simmons gets more lines - Agent Simmons, the very goofy Sector Seven agent, has a lot more lines when they show up at Hoover Dam. Before he takes them into that office where they can look over the All Spark, he has a little monologue about how he stares at the All Spark, meditates and contemplates the meaning of life. And also, as they're walking through the tunnel towards the slumbering Megatron, Simmons and Capt. Lennox have this exchange:

Lennox>> I don't understand. What is this place?
Simmons>> You've heard of Area 51?
Lennox>> Yeah...
Simmons>> Well, this is Area 50.

Lennox gets the walkie-talkies - You may remember that, as they're about to start mowing down Decepticons in the climax, it all starts off with Lennox coming out of a pawn shop with some very old walkie-talkies that'll work in the Decepticon's communications blackout. Well, in the IMAX version, we see how Lennox actually gets the walkie-talkies. He's in the pawn shop, arguing with the clerk...this big, fat black woman. Fed up, he draws his sidearm, points it at the clerk, and demands the walkie-talkies. Not taking any shit, the clerk pulls out a shotgun from under the till, and points it at Lennox. Realizing how ridiculous the situation is becoming, Lennox holsters his sidearm, and starts complimenting the clerk, flattering her and all that. We then see him leaving with the walkie-talkies.

And that's all that's been added to the IMAX version.

And I will tell you this. I found an Easter egg on the DVD. When you watch Transformers on DVD, be sure to watch it to the very end of the end credits. For, at the end of the credits, a menu screen pops up with three options. You can watch:

- the teaser trailer, where Bumblebee smashes the hell out of the Mars probe

- "Autobots Roll Out," which is essentially a car commercial for the Autobots

And, the one that made me giggle with glee...

- The Iron Man trailer!

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