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Monday, April 09, 2007

Comic Book Movie Bits

So, today, everyone is geeking out about this superhero film in development called Super Max. It's being written by David S. Goyer. It's making lots of noise if only because it sounds very un-formulaic.

Here's the set-up: Green Arrow is arrested of a crime he didn't commit. Stripped of his trademark costume and trademark bow and arrows, he's thrown into a super-maximum security prison for supervillains. Surrounded by many of the greatest b- and c-list super-villains in the DC universe, Green Arrow has to team up with a few of these super-villains (some of which he put away) and find a way to break out of the prison.

Kinda like Smallville, it's a superhero tale where everyone wears regular clothes and goes by their real names. And while Green Arrow is the hero, they're quick to tell us that it's NOT a Green Arrow movie.

No word yet on when it'll be released. Hell, they're just writing a screenplay, so it might never be released.

Meanwhile, over on the Marvel Comics side, we've got DVD release details for Ghost Rider.

As is quite common these days, there'll be single-disc edition with the theatrical cut, and a 2-disc extended edition, featuring 15 minutes of footage you weren't allowed to see in theatres!

Common to both DVDs will be the documentary Spirit of Vengeance: The Making of Ghost Rider, a running commentary with director Mark Steven Johnson, and a second running commentary with director Gary Foster. The 2-disc edition also has a documentary called Sin and Salvation, chronicling Ghost Rider's history and evolution in the comics.

Also, as is the way these days, it'll also be released on Blu-Ray and UMD.

It hits store shelves on June 12.

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