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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tune In! Turn On! Hulk Out!

Well, the second Incredible Hulk movie is closer to filming. It was announced yesterday that Edward Norton is going to be our new Bruce Banner.

For those still asking, "Wow, what happened to Eric Bana?" well, it's like this. Already at movie #2, they're doing a reboot of the franchise. This one promises to be closer to the comics and more action-packed than the first film.

Louis Leterrier is directing. He's best known for those Transporter films. The Hulk himself will once again be CGI, but this time provided by special effects house Rhythm and Hues.

They start filming in June for a June 2008 release.

Hey! It is new DVD Tuesday, so I have to take a moment to acknowledge the double-dip of the week.

Spider-Man 2.1 hits store shelves today. This new, extended cut of Spider-Man 2 boasts 8 minutes of new footage you weren't allowed to see in theatres! There's also a new running commentary with the writer, a new running commentary with the producers, a featurette about making the extended cut, and a sneak peek at the third movie.

On store shelves now!

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