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Friday, January 04, 2008

Law and Order International

I find this rather interesting. Dick Wolf Productions, the company that makes the Law and Order franchise, and the British television network ITV, have just signed a deal to do an official British remake of Law & Order. This new series has a working title of Law & Order: London. They've already ordered 13 episodes for a first series, and what they're going to do is take some of the better scripts from Law & Order's 18 seasons and just tweak them to fit with the British legal system.

This isn't the first time they've done this with the Law & Order franchise. France has an official French remake of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which is apparently a runaway hit in France. And Russia even has official remakes of both Criminal Intent and Special Victims Unit, both incredibly popular. Apparently, they're even considering doing an international crossover between the American and French Criminal Intents.

Of course, the British version made headlines because, with the explosion of digital cable channels, and more and more of them padding their line-ups with English programing from overseas, there's a very real chance we'll be watching on Law & Order: London on some digital cable channel some day.

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