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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Next James Bond Title/Cloverfield Monster Toys

The fun thing about working so early in the morning on the news desk is sometimes, really cool news gets to you before anyone else.

This morning, it was announced what they're calling the next James Bond film.

The name of the next James Bond film is....

Quantum of Solace

Filming is still underway, and it should be out in November of this year. Unlike previous Bond sequels, this one looks to be a direct sequel to Casino Roayle. In it, Bond goes hunting down the terrorist organization that blackmailed his true love Vesper Lynd into betraying him.

And for those still wondering what the Cloverfield monster looks like, you'll soon be able to find out at your local Toys R Us.

A couple days ago, Hasbro announced that they'll be putting out a Cloverfield monster action figure. This toy recration of "Clover" will stand at 14" tall and boast 70 points of articulation. He comes with two interchangable heads, a sound chip so he can roar, 10 of those little parasite monsters that fall off its back, and the head of the Statue of Liberty, so you can re-create that classic trailer shot.

Sadly, Hasbro hasn't gotten permission from the filmmakers to spoil the monster's design yet, so Hasbro can't release any pictures of this toy!

And it's available exclusivly at Hasbro's online store, Hasbro Toy Shop.com. It runs $100.

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