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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Back from the city! If there's one thing I love about living so far away from the city, it's that every time you go into the city, it's kind of special.

My top priority today was to spend the last Christmas gift card. So I went to Best Buy, plopped down my gift card, and bought a slew of new DVDs. I got:

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - Yeah, it's kinda crappy, but I'm sucker for all that Marvel movie stuff. Besides, I'm one of the few who actually liked it. So many superhero movies have the heroes struggling under the burden of their powers and being heroic...it's nice to see superheroes that like their jobs!

The Simpsons Movie - I find the Simpsons Movie to be good and all, but still kind of disappointing. Nothing really movie-worthy about it.

And, of course

Family Guy presents Blue Harvest - The Family Guy/Star Wars spoof! I couldn't figure out if I wanted to get the regular version or the special edition...so of course I got the special edition. The only difference is the special edition has a box full of swag. Kinda reluctant to open up the T-shirt...to do so, would kind of wreck the fancy box.

Hit the movies as well...saw the giant monster movie everyone's talking about, Cloverfield. It was really pretty good. It suffers from the same problem as a lot of giant monster movies. And that is, when the giant monster isn't on screen (or, in Cloverfield's case, being a vague shape for our heroes to run from) it gets really slow. It's a solid three nibs. As always, a full review will be on my official site in the next couple of days.

But I will say this. Stay to the end of the end credits. Not because of the cool thing at the end of the end credits, but because of the music. My God, there's a spectacular piece of music playing over the end credits! It's like the perfect Godzilla rip-off music! According to the Internet, it's called "Roar! (Cloverfield Overture)", and it's composed by Michael Giacchino. Too bad it's the only piece of music in the film, so there'll probably never be a soundtrack album.

And then, you know, as I was leaving the mall, I had one of those "Whoa, cool," moments. You know how you see the same thing every day for years on end, but then one day, you notice one of the finer details, and it kinds of throws you for a loop?

Had one of those moments leaving the mall. I looked out one of their many skylights and saw...a chimney. There's chimneys on the roof of West Edmonton Mall.

Of course, I'm sure they've always been there. That mall's gotta stay warm some how, so it has to have a hell of a furnace. But still, never seen one. But today it did, and caught me off guard.

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