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Monday, August 25, 2008

My New Movie!

Well, the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing are officially over. And once again, the world goes back to not caring about sprinting, swimming, gymnastics, and human rights violations in China.

Actually, as I reflect on the coverage I saw on TV over the past few days, do you know what I didn't see? High jumping and pole vaulting. Every time there's some kind of documentary on the Olympics of 50 years ago, you always see grainy, black and white film footage of high jumping and pole vaulting. I want to see some pole vaulting and high jumping in glorious, digital, high-def!

Truth be told, I really feel sorry for the people of Beijing. As we all heard, factories were closed and cars kept off streets in order to try to clean up Beijing's notoriously bad air quality. Watching the closing ceremonies, they're boasting that Beijing had it's best air quality in years. And tomorrow, the cars come back, the factories start up again, and it all goes back to the way it was. Well, maybe not. Hopefully it'll stay this way for another month for the Paralympic Games.

But for those of you who might be going through Olympic coverage withdraw, I invite you to check out my latest YouTube video!

This past weekend, Athabasca was host to two of it's classic August events. First up was the free concert Ty Hart and Friends, which raises money for local charities, and the Hawg Flatts Toy Run and Show and Shine, in which the local motorcycle enthusiast club shows off their chrome and gets donations for Santa's Anonymous.

I call this one Saturday in the Park.

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