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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekend Goal List...done!

Went into the city on my Saturday, and I'm glad to say, I got all my goals done.

The first, and most important goal, once again required that I head straight into downtown Edmonton. Once again, I was heading to the Winspear Centre...not to see a show, just to get some tickets to another show.

As you know, my hero, "Weird Al" Yankovic, played the Winspear. Well, last week, it was announced that another of my heroes is returning to the Winspear...Kevin Smith!

For those who've never seen one of Smith's live shows, I'll loan you the concert DVDs. I have both of them. (And a third one is due out in October.). What Smith does in his spoken word act is he tells stories about making his films, his life, and he answers questions from the audience about life, the universe, and everything. And it's funny as hell.

I went to see him last time he was in Edmonton, back in February of 2006. And here's the blow-by-blow description I wrote about that show.

He returns to Edmonton on Sunday, September 28. When I'm back at work on Tuesday, remind me to book Monday the 29th off. Smith's shows are notoriously long.

Another goal was to pick up the brand new, 2-disc-super-mega-ultimate edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I just finished watching it, and I am outraged! They changed it from its original theatrical version! But it's just a minor change, so I can live with it.

In case you don't remember the history, back when Nightmare first came out in 1993, Disney thought that it would be too scary for kids. So, Disney disowned it and released it under their Touchstone Pictures label.

However, as the film gained its cult following, and kids started loving it, Disney slowly took ownership again. And, on the new DVD, the Touchstone Pictures label as been replaced with "Walt Disney Pictures presents...."

I think that's a change I can live with.

But, my most difficult goal was one I pulled off with great ease.

You know me, I love my fast food. I'm always looking for new fast food tastes, and am always game to try the "burger of the month." I'll even sample the vegetarian fare once in a while, to see what my vegan friends have to put up with.

Now, sometimes, sampling the vegetarian fare can yield great results. A&W's veggie burger, the Swiss Veggie Deluxe, is really good, and I eat them on a regular basis. And sometimes, it's not so good. Back when McDonald's was experimenting with healthier fare, they introduced a veggie burger called the "McVeggie," and it was the most disgusting thing I'd ever eaten.

but now, another of my favourite fast food places has introduced a veggie burger, and I'd been dying to try it.

You may remember a few months ago, when Kentucky Fried Chicken here in Canada signed their big agreement with PETA to start making things better for chickens. Well, one of the terms that KFC agreed to was that they would add a vegetarian alternative to their menus. I was curious to see what KFC would come up with a vegetarian alternative. I was half-hoping for toficken (tofu/chicken) nuggets.

It was about a month ago that I noticed KFC had slipped onto their menu boards, with very little fanfare, their new "Vegetarian Sandwich." It looks just like one of their regular chicken burgers, topped with a dollop of mayo and shredded lettuce. Sadly, I can't find online what they use to make the faux chicken. Regardless, I knew I had to try one.

Because I was right in downtown Edmonton, buying my Kevin Smith tickets, I sat down to enjoy one in the food court of the Edmonton City Centre Mall.

And I'm here to say they're actually quite good. It tastes just like a regular KFC chicken sandwich. I might not have them all the time, but I will have one every once in a while, to keep demand up and make sure they stay on the menu.

So, this fast food junkie is offering his "thumbs up" to the KFC Vegetarian Sandwich!

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