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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My New Movie: the Harvest Gold Fiddlers Weekend

I often wonder if I should be more...socially responsible in my online endeavours. My second best friend maintains a blog, and her focus is kept tightly on feminism, homosexual rights, and various other "stuff that matters." My best friend remarked to me once that "blogs are for people with little to say and even less to do," and that he only adds entries to his blog when he has "something worth saying." As such, his blog has remained silent for well over a year.

And then there's me, who just made a video about Athabasca's annual fiddle contest. All remarks about me fiddling while Rome burns seem very appropriate.

But I'm actually quite proud of this video, about The Harvest Gold Fiddlers Weekend. I've got my best attempt so far at a musical montage, an end credit sequence that always makes me smile, and lots and lots of great, great music!

So please, have a look at The Harvest Gold Fiddler's Weekend.

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