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Monday, September 29, 2008

Stickers & Apologies

Today, I learned the meaning of disappointment.

Kevin Smith. One of my heroes. His spoken word performance, "An Evening with Kevin Smith," is funny as hell. when I heard he was coming back to Edmonton, I ran out to get tickets. I even booked the day after off from work so I could recover.

I drove right into downtown Edmonton. I found my really nice parking spot in downtown. I went bounding up the stairs to the Winspear Centre and was greeted by a several posters hanging on the front door.

"Kevin Smith: Postponed."

What? I just stood there on the front steps, flabbergasted. He's...not coming? The fine print on the poster said there were problems with his flight. What?

I started pacing around the front steps, unsure of what to do. Another guy walked by and saw my look of confusion. "I guess you didn't get a phone call either, eh?" he said to me. "Nope," I said. Obviously, I wasn't the only one.

Since I still had an hour before the doors were to officially open, I decided to hang out for a bit. For all I knew, this was some vicious hoax, perpetrated by a die-hard fan who wanted to keep the crowd numbers low so only he could ask questions to Kevin Smith. I walked around the block, found a Tim Hortons, had a hot chocolate and a donut, and then headed back to the Winspear.

Sonic 102.9 was the radio station sponsoring the event...they still sent their street team out to hand out stickers and apologies. I told them my tale of how I had to drive two hours and beg for time off work, and they were sympathetic. With 100% confirmation that it was a no go, I decided it was time to go home.

I thought I'd go see a movie so my day wouldn't be a total wash...but there's nothing really playing that I want to see. And I went home.

Never have I felt so angry and sad and disappointed.

Hey look! Kevin Smith has already blogged about this at his official blog.

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