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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Must Choose Wisely....

Wow! Elections Canada is going to have official lists of all the candidates tomorrow, but really, I'm thrilled. Never have I had so much choice in an election! I blame it on the fact that the top-right corner of my riding contains Fort McMurray...the 5th largest and fastest growing city in Alberta.

Doing an update on candidates I may have missed, Elections Canada is reporting today that we have an independent candidate running by the name of Shawn Reimer.

And, one of the province's most popular political blogs, Daveberta is reporting that we've got a Libertarian Party candidate by the name of Tim Moen.

So, in my riding of Fort McMurray--Athabasca, the election is shaping up like this:

Christian Heritage - Jake Strydhorst
Conservative - Brian Jean
First Peoples National Party - John Malcolm
Green - Dylan Richards
Independent - Shawn Reimer
Liberal - John Webb
Libertarian - Tim Moen
NDP - Mark Voyageur

Wow, I always wanted to vote in a riding full of fringe candidates, and now I've got my chance!

But, as I've been sarcastically saying the past few days, it's just more people who'll try to act surprise when Brian Jean gets reelected. According to stats on the CBC website, this riding has been Tory blue since 1958.

Yeah, I'm certain that this what the Conservatives consider a "safe riding."

But still, like Indiana Jones on the last crusade, I'll do my best to choose wisely. Just because that's how it's been for 50 years, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best.

Elections Canada will have official lists tomorrow. I'll let you know the official story.

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