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Monday, September 15, 2008

Uncle Burger? WTF?

You know me, I love my fast food, and I'm sucker for new tastes.

I've often joked about the Mozza Burger should be called to make it into the Burger Family at A&W. The Brother Burger? The Grandma Burger? The Cute-Cousin-You'd-Totally-Hit-On-If-You-Weren't-Related Burger?

As I was up at A&W having lunch today, the whole restaurant was covered with this logo:

What's this? An Uncle Burger? Coming on September 29?

Actually, I want to make an obscene joke about how he's not long lost per se, just finally being released from prison. Yeah, the Burger Family didn't talk about the Uncle Burger much after he knocked over that McDonald's and shot Grimace in the shoulder....

I'll keep you posted.

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