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Sunday, August 08, 2010

DC Showcase on DVD

So, because I've been geeking out about the direct-to-DVD DC comics animated movies, you might have also read me geek out about DC Showcase, their series of animated short films focusing on some of DC`s B- and C-list heroes.  To recap, we`ve had:

The Spectre - Focusing on the supernatural spirit of vengeance.  Released on Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Jonah Hex - The legendary gunslinger.  Released on the recent Batman: Under the Red Hood

Green Arrow - The emerald archer takes down his evil counterpart.  Will be released on the upcoming Superman/Batman: Apocolypse.  

Well, it was just announced that Warner Brothers will be compiling all these animated shorts into their own DVD release, The DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection, coming out on November 9!

But that's not all!  In order to tempt you to buy all these shorts again, they're including a new short, Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam.  This short will be 22 minutes long -- twice as long as all the other shorts produced to date! 

This short features Black Adam, arch-enemy of Captain Marvel, returning from beyond the stars, and it's up to the combined might of Superman and Captain Marvel to take him down! 

For the celebrity voices, we've got:

George Newburn as Superman.  Of course, Newburn voiced Superman on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.  Nice to see him back in the role!

Jerry O'Connell as Captain Marvel.  O'Connell of course was one of the kids in Stand By Me, and was most recently seen on the police procedural Crossing Jordan.  He also voiced Captain Marvel on an episode of Justice League Unlimited

Arnold Vosloo as Black Adam.  Vosloo played Imhotep the Mummy in the Mummy movies, and was most recently seen as Zartan in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

James Garner as the Wizard Shazam.  Garner is an acting legend, and if you don`t know who he is, I weep for you. 

It`ll be available in a single-disc DVD version and a single-disc Blu-Ray special edition.  For bonus materials on the single-disc DVD, you get 4 bonus episodes of Justice League.  On the Blu-Ray, you get those 4 episodes of Justice League, and each short has a running commentary by its writer. 

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