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Friday, August 13, 2010

Grindhouse Finally on DVD

Good news, all my fellow fans of Quentin Tarintino and Robert Rodriguez!

Grindhouse is finally coming to DVD in its original, complete, theatrical presentation!  Actually, it's only coming to Blu-Ray.

Grindhouse: 2-Disc Collector's Edition will contain ALL of the bonus material on the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Planet Terror and Death Proof, along with some all-new bonus materials.  The new stuff:

  • Rodriguez offers up another installment of his "10 Minute Cooking Schools," which has become a popular staple on all his DVDs.
  • All of the intermission cards
  • ALL of the fake trailers, including Hobo With a Shotgun, which was only shown in select theatres.
  • Brand new extended versions of the fake trailers Don't and Werewolf Women of the SS, complete with running commentaries by their respective directors Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie.  (It's long been rumored that Zombie shot an hour's worth of footage for his 3-minute Werewolf Women trailer.)
  • "Making of" featurettes for the fake trailers Don't, Werewolf Women of the SS, and Thanksgiving.
  • The storyboards and fake movie posters for Don't
Be advised that this set will include the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL VERSIONS of Death Proof and Planet Terror.  You might remember that when they were shown in theatres, the two films occasionally had cards pop up saying "scene missing" to replicate the grindhouse experience.  When the two films were released individually on DVD, they were "extended versions," with all thsoe missing scenes put back in.  Well, on this super deluxe special edition, those cards saying "scene missing" will be put back in, and the scenes will once again be cut out.

In a way, I'm kind of disappointed that this is being released on Blu-Ray.  I always thought it was a great way to create a purely theatrical experience, without the need for gimmicks like 3D. 

It drops on October 5. 

Oh, and some other DVD news, regarding Family Guy's forthcoming scene-for-scene spoof of Return of the Jedi.

As I've blogged previously, they seemed to have trouble coming up with a title.  Originally, as a slam towards the Ewoks and all the animatronic characters in Return of the Jedi, they were going to call it Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper, but they ran into copywrite trouble with the Muppet folks.  Then they were going to call it We Have a Bad Feeling About This, after the famous line uttered in ever Star Wars film. 

Well, the artwork for the DVD cover has been released, and we've discovered that they've decided to name it after Admiral Akbar's most famous line, which has become quite the Internet catchphrase.

That's right, it's called It's a Trap!.

Don't forget, it hits DVD and Blu-Ray on Dec. 21. 

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