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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

And now, I'd like to present...

The Stupidist Conversation I've Ever Had With a Store Clerk

The setting: Future Shop. I'd just finished returning my extra Spider-Man 2 DVD, and I was on the hunt for my Lord of the Rings trilogy. Right after I get my hands on The Fellowship of the Ring and notice they don't have any more on the shelf, I'm approached by a clerk....

CLERK: Can I help you?

MARK: Yeah. Lord of the Rings. All you got out here is Fellowship.

CLERK: Do you want the theatrical editions or the extended editions?

MARK: I want the the theatrical editions. I like those ones more.

CLERK: Are you sure you don't want the extended editions?

MARK: Positive. I want the films I saw in the theatre.

CLERK: But the extended editions have a lot more cool stuff.

MARK: I know. But I like the theatrical versions more. Those are the ones I want. The regular, good ol' theatrical versions.

CLERK: Oh. Well, we're sold out of the extended editions.

Also turns out that the one DVD of Fellowship of the Ring that I grabbed off the shelf was the last Lord of the Rings DVD that Future Shop had. I guess all the hype on the Return of the King: Extended Edition made the whole franchise the "must-have" DVDs of the season. Anyway, grabbed Fellowship, and I'm on my way to completing the trilogy!

(Could have bought the whole trilogy at HMV, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. I love HMV for their selection, but they're so damned overpriced.... I only buy DVDs there now if it's a really obscure title I'm after.)

Next Issue...The Seach Continues!

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