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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I just spend a few minutes to wander aimlessly around the school. It'd been ages since I'd done that. I'm constantly amazed at how every thing's connected through pedways; like the school's a big Habitrail. Didn't Shakespear write, "All the world's a Habitrail, and the people are but hampsters?" I don't think so.

But still, I went up to the tower lounge. I like the view up there. Helps me clear my head. (For those not from NAIT, the "Office Tower" is the 8-story office building where the Business Administration courses are taught. The eighth floor is a massive study lounge; the tower lounge.) What can I say? I just like going to high places to relax. Was the same in Japan. My school was on the fifth floor of a 7-story building. I'd eat my lunch on the roof. On a clear day, you could see Mt. Fuji.

And trust me, with the smog from being that close to Tokyo, clear days were rare.

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