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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Show prep for the final show:

- I keep reading of the saga of the Edmonton Food Bank and their website. Their URL used be "edmontonfoodbank.com," but someone wasn't watching too carefully and forgot to renew the registration. "edmontonfoodbank.com" was promptly bought by a Swiss cyber-squatter, and currently re-directs to an ad for a boner pill and a "This domain can be yours!" ad. This Swiss company offered to sell the URL back to the food bank for $300. They lowered the price to $200 when they found out the Food Bank was a charity, not a grocery store. The Food Bank just said, "Screw you," and ran out and registered "edmontonfoodbank.org" and "edmontonfoodbank.ca." Many people in the city have offered to buy the URL for the food bank, but the food bank has said, "Know what? This is really a non-issue for us. We'd much rather you make a donation to us."

(Well, someone must have bought it back for the Food Bank. I just typed in ...foodbank.com and it took me to the Edmonton Food Bank.)

- Another website people are talking about is Komar.org. This is the website for the Komarski family, and they've hooked up their christmas light to their website. If you go to their website between 5 pm and 10 pm Edmonton time, you can turn their Christmas lights on and off over the Internet. They've got a webcam pointed at their house, so you can watch the action.

- Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame is currently in negotiations to do the Wonder Woman movie. He's also the front-runner for X3.

- David S. Goyer, writer/director of Blade: Trinity and writer of Blade, Blade II, and Batman Begins, is in negotiations to write and direct The Mighty Thor. Goyer actually revealed in an interview that he's been contacted and asked for input on virtually every comic book movie currently in development...but Superman.

- What I find odd has to do with what I want for Christmas. I want The Lord of the Rings, and I'd much rather have the theatrical editions, NOT the extended editions. (Sorry, but the 4.25 hour running time on Return of the King: Extended is a bit too much movie for me.) What's surprising me is I can find the boxed set of the extended editions, but not the theatrical editions! Even HMV.com lists the theatrical editions as being an import from the States that'll take 2 weeks to get here. Weird....

Next Issue...Final show.

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