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Sunday, December 19, 2004

First things first. Latest column's up! This week, I tell you How to be a Genius:

"I’ve been called a genius many times in my short life, but to tell the truth, I’ve never believed it. I may be smart, intelligent even. At least, that’s what having a degree in physics leads people to believe. But a genius? Never in a million years. I just don’t have the marketing savvy. Being a genius, or at least regarded as one, is just another label we attribute to people, like “savant” or “cool.” Being a genius has very little to do with how smart you are. I’ve known some geniuses who were downright idiots, and I’ve known some very smart people who weren’t geniuses at all. Nope, genius is just another image we project. And, since I’ve suckered many people into believing that I’m a genius, it must be an image I’m good at projecting. So then, let me help you out. Here are the five simple steps to being a genius."

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

And, with my weekend at a close, I'm once again wondering what to do next in Pokemon. I got my dragons. I got Flygon and Salamance. So, what next? I definitly want to work with Shedinja more. Shedinja is a unique pokemon. It's a Ghost/Bug type. It has only 1 HP, meaning one hit and he's down for the count. But...Shedinja has a special ability called Wonder Guard. Wonder Guard makes Shedinja invulnerable to about 90% of all pokemon. Once he's a little stronger and knows some more powerful moves, I think Shedinja would make a great "big gun."

There's a few more elusive rare pokemon in the Safari Zone I want to snag. Plus, I'm in the midst of making a totally pimped-out secret base. I'm kind of waiting for the Lilycove Department Store to have it's clearance sale so I can get a TV. When I finally get my own place, I hope it's as cool as my secret base.

And I've had a few happy memories. Caught The Royal Tennenbaums on TV last night. I'll always have happy memories of that film. I saw it in Vancouver, right after my job inteview with the AEON Corp. Not wanting to be lonely in the big city, I made plans with a freind of a friend to hang out. The Royal Tennenbaums was her favourite movie at the moment, so we went to see it. Then, we kind of hung out for the afternoon. One of the best afternoons I've ever had. *sigh* Probably the closest I've ever come to having a date in my life, too.

(Of course, if she ever reads that, she'll probably totally freak out.)

Next Issue...Last Day of School!

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