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Monday, May 09, 2005

I've got museums on the brain right now.

Not sure what's with this current obsession. Maybe it's because most of the media has been talking about the opening of the new War Museum in Ottawa...maybe it's because of the news that the Queen will be re-christening the Provincial Museum of Alberta; she'll be proclaiming it the Royal Alberta Museum as part of the centennial party...or maybe it's because we took Mom to the Muttart Conservatory for Mother's Day.

All I know is someday I will have a girlfriend, and we will do artsy things like go to museums and aquariums and conservatories.

Heh heh...taking a date to the Muttart Conservatory. That's such a Star Trek date. That was always the great pick-up line on TNG. "Would like to go for a walk in the arboretum?"

But enough of this foolishness. Got some DVD news for you.

I'm not the only one who reads this blog who liked Sin City. It hits DVD on August 16. There'll be dick-all for bonus stuff, though. Just a featurette and some storyboards. Rumor is we'll get a fully packed special edition either closer to Christmas or early in 2006.

Also on August 16, Disney will be releasing the next batch of dubbed Studio Ghibli films. On that day, keep your eyes open for My Neighbors the Yamadas and Pom Poko. These two films were made by Ghibli's other resident genius, Isao Takahata, who also gave us the legendary anime Grave of the Fireflies.

On September 6, Disney will be comitting the crime of double-dipping when they release Toy Story: 10th Anniversary Edition. This disc will boast an all-new transfer, giving us a higher quality picture and sound mix. There'll be 3 new featurettes, a trailer for Cars, and a bunch of stuff recycled from the other Toy Story DVDs.

Oh, and even though we don't have an exact date yet, George Lucas has promised that Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith will be on DVD in time for Christmas.

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