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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Latest column's up! This week, I share The Formula:

" OK, so here’s the deal. I’ve been slacking off for the past few days and I’ve got nothing. So, instead of doing something very half-assed and writing a half-assed column, I’ve decided to do something much more productive. I’m going to teach you how to write your own column! See, the thing is, all my columns follow a formula. It’s a formula that I first uncovered way back in grade 8, and it led me to ace Language Arts, high school English, and every English class I took in university. Yes, it is just that easy. Just follow this simple formula, and you can entertain your friends and family with your dazzling wit and superb writing skills. It goes a little something like this:."

Read it all right here!

I just saw the coolest reference to the 1980s EVER on TV!!

OK, you've probably heard the saga of "Family Guy" by now. It was cancelled 3 years ago, but thanks to massive sales of the DVD boxed sets and incresed popularity from reruns on the Cartoon Network, it was renewed and new episodes were produced. Tonight was the first new episode in three years, and they did the coolest reference to the 1980s since the whole "Optimus Prime is Jewish" thing.

Here's the scene. It's the junior high dance. Eldest son Chris is the washroom, being goaded into taking a shot of vodka. He takes the shot...just as the principle walks in. The principal proceeds to chew out Chris and then...

...Flint jumps out of the toilet stall. Yup, the GI Joe Flint. Same voice actor and everything. The GI Joe theme cues up in the background, and Flint begins lecturing the kids on the dangers of alcohol. And you know how it ends. All the kids yell out, "Now we know!"

Flint goes "And knowing is half the battle."

We hear the theme song singers. "GI JOE!!!" as the American flag appears behind Flint and the kids.

I laughed my ass off. I'm talking to my brother on MSN Instant Messenger right now and we're totally geeking out.

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