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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yay! Finally got my Terry Fox Loonie. 2, actually. And the solution as to how to get one was so simple.

There's two banks that service the Entwistle/Evansburg area: the Credit Union and the Royal Bank. Or, as they are known now, Capital City Savings and RBC Financial. I figured, why not just go down to the bank and exchange my loonie for a Terry Fox loonie? First, I tried the Credit Union, as they are in walking distance. They told me that they were all out.

So, across the river to Evansburg, and the Royal Bank! The Royal Bank in Evansburg is a prime example of how these two towns on the Pembina River are slowly dying. Thanks to Internet banking and all that, the Royal Bank would dearly love to close their Evansburg location and replace it with a couple of automatic tellers. There's just not the business for two banks in these two towns. There's only one thing from stopping the Royal Bank from shutting down Evansburg:

senior citizens.

Yup, when you get to a redneck town like Evansburg, it's very doubtful that the senior population has spent their golden years learning about computers. So, the Royal Bank has been kept open with a skeleton crew to help the seniors who don't know much about these damn teller machines.

Prime example of this was when I first went to the Royal Bank to ask about Terry Fox loonie. There was an old lady in front of me. As the teller (the Royal's only teller, by the way. That's right, they've only got one.) gently explained that the old lady should go to the ATM and "try it now," the old lady lost it. "There's no god damn way I'm using that machine! I always forget my number, and I know it's going to explode unless I put in the right number!"

God bless the elderly.

Anyway, once the old lady settled down, it was my turn. This was 1:30 in the afternoon, and the teller told me that, because of their skeleton crew used only to provide customer service to the seniors, they lock up all their money at high noon. If I came back tomorrow, I'd be able to get one.

So, tomorrow became today, I went back, and got 2!

And now, I sit back and wait for the next big commemerative coin of 2005: the 60th anniversary of V-E Day commerative nickle. Now this I like. I think we've got so many commemerative loonies and quarters, that it's nice when we get one of a different denomination.

Today's useless trivia fact from Wikipedia:

the Walt Disney Company always cancels their TV cartoons after 65 episodes, regardless of popularity. This was discovered when they canceled their insanely popular Kim Possible after the magic number was reached.

Why 65? Because that's how many episodes you need if you want to sell your TV show into worldwide syndication.

There have been a few rare exceptions, like when Disney ordered 13 more episodes of Gargoyles to add a "brand name" to the brand-new (Disney owned) ABC Saturday morning line-up.

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