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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You'll have to forgive me. I got a little carried away last night.

You see, as part of the big Alberta Centennial celebration, the government is running
this promotion right now. If you go to the Alberta Centennial website, and type in
someone's address, well then, that person will get an official invitation in the mail
from Premier Ralph Klein inviting him/her to come to Alberta for the centennial

What can I say? I went nuts for this. I typed in just about every snail mail address I know; even the one for my old English school in Japan.

So, damn near all of you are going to get an official invite in the mail from Premier
Ralph Klein, inviting you to Alberta for the centennial celebrations.

Sorry about that.

It all started really innocently. While watching the big centennial concert on TV
yesterday (which was really, really lame, although they tells us that about 75% of it
was cancelled because of the rain), the commentators were saying that sales of
centennail souvineers had been slot. Which, of course, led me to ask the question, "
Where the hell do you buy them? I haven't seen any on sale." So I went to the
centennial website to find out. And then, I found the "send an invatation to your
friend" deal and...you know the rest.

By the way, centennial souvineers are available at the Alberta Legislature Building
Gift Shop.

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