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Monday, May 16, 2005

Just had to watch Ebert & Roper last night. There was a time, oh, about 10 years ago. The show was still Siskel and Ebert and I watched it religiously. Anyway, really had to watch it last night. They had their review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. You might be interested to know that it's the first prequel that got the much-coveted "two thumbs up."

I've been reading quite a few reviews of Episode III over the past few weeks. Almost every one is positive. Here's the commanalities from every review:

- special effects are mind-blowing
- the lightsabre duels are the best we've ever seen.
- Oh my God. Hayden Christensen can ACT!! So can Natalie Portman, and Ewan McGreggor...everyone's ACTING!!
- Ian McDirmand steals the show as Palpatine/Darth Sideous. He's just so...EVIL!
- Dialogue still sucks.
- Truly, the best of the prequel trilogy.

I've also just discovered that I can buy my advance tickets online in preperation for Thursday. I'm guessing that, if I don't hear from the person I'm seeing it with by say, oh, 9pm, I'll give this "buy tickets online" concept a shot.

Meanwhile, it's now official. I've watched far too much Star Trek: The Next Generation.

See, it's like this. Between the time when an episode is shown for the first time and when it goes into its "on in reruns everyday" version, it's quite common for a few scenes to be cut in order to make more room for commercials.

I'm now starting to notice scenes that have been cut from certain episodes of The Next Generation.

Sad, really. That I'm noticing.

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