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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I love this story. It was plastered on the front page of today's Edmonton Journal.

They think they found moose in New Zealand!

Here's the whole story: way back in 1910, a group of Canadian immigrants in New Zealand got in their head to try to introduce moose to New Zealand. 10 moose from Saskatchewan were shipped to New Zealand and released into the wild!

Now, the moose never really took off in New Zealand. The last one died in 1952. But, that was just enough for New Zealand moose to become like Bigfoot. Kiwis would come back from their camping trips, telling tales of moose that they saw in the wild after a few beers.

So, flash forward to the present day, when some Kiwi campers came across a mysterious tuft of hair in the bush. They sent it off for analysis, and you know what?

Genetic tests say it's moose hair!

Once again, the New Zealand population is all a twitter at the prospect of a long-lost moose herd, hiding somewhere deep in the rain forest. Trippy, eh?

Oh, and got a little bit of DVD news for you.

Serenity has just been cleared for a December 20 release. Sadly, it won't be a huge-ass, 2-disc, mega-super-special edition. You'll get 3 featurettes, some deleted scenes, bloopers, and an intro and running commentary by writer/director Joss Whedon.

Serenity will be available in full screen, widescreen, and UMD.

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