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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

YES YES, oh God, YES!! It's finally official!

The very first teaser for Superman Returns will be running in front of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire next Friday!

The teaser clocks in at 1:33. (One minute, 33 seconds.) Oh, I hope Bryan Singer handles the Man of Steel as well as he handled the X-Men. The film itself is still slated for June 30, 2006.

Here's some news about an upcoming computer animated film. This upcoming outing from DreamWorks seems...mildly interesting.

Kung Fu Panda follows the tale of Po the Panda, a fat, lazy slob of a panda. But when is home, the Valley of Peace, is threatened by invaders, he does nothing. The citizens of the valley have a martial arts competition to choose a champion, and they all drop the jaws when they notice that Po bears the mark of "The One." So, they've got to whip Po into shape to take on the invaders. The voice cast was announced today:

Jack Black will be voicing Po.
Dustin Hoffman will be voicing Shifu, the kung fu master charged with whipping Po into shape.
Jackie Chan will be voicing Master Monkey, Po's rival.
Ian MacShane will be voicing Tai Lung, a snow leapord who leads the bad guys.

And negotiations are still underway to have Lucy Liu voice Master Viper, another kung fu master who teaches Po.

May 2008 for this one.

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