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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

OK. Time for another political rant.

Christmas election. No one wants one, yet it sure looks like we're going to have one.

Well, technically, not at Christmas. With our laws and when a non-confidence motion could be passed, the earliest we'd have an election is January 3. but still, who the hell is going to be reading the papers and actually following an election over Christmas vacation?

This is what really pisses me off. Paul Martin has said that he will call an election when the final Gomery report comes down. The one that came out a few weeks ago was just a preliminary report. The final Gomery report comes down in February. Everyone wants an election in the spring.

So, why can't the opposition parties just keep it in their pants for another two months?

Trust me, if we have an election over Christmas, it won't be the Liberals' fault, like the opposition parties want us to believe. It'll be because the opposition pushed for it.

This whole thing is making me rethink my whole opinion on having fixed election dates. I used to be fairly indifferent, but now it seems to be like a good idea. None of this "We'll bring down the government!" bullshit posturing, which is grinding Parliment to a halt. We know we'll have an election in four years, so just shut up and wait.

But, my question towards fixed election dates has always been, what happens if we have a minority government? Do we have to put up with this bullshit posturing and nothing getting done for a full four years? At least, with our current system, the plug can be pulled, we go to the polls, and hopefully clear things up.

So, my idea: if we do move to a system of fixed election dates, we have to have some kind of safeguard in place that allows for government to continue for the full term in a minority government, rather than having a 4-year long philibuster courtesy the opposition.

I know they're trying the whole "fixed election dates" thing in BC right now. I should look into how they're doing it in BC.

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