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Monday, January 02, 2006

Do you want to see something funny? Do you want to see something truly roll-around-on-the-floor pee-your-pants funny?

Go to the official Conservative Party website. You'll notice in the right-hand column that they have all their TV ads loaded and ready to play with the click of a mouse. You want to watch the one called "They'll Go Neg."

It's a very negative attack ad attacking the Liberal party for...running a negative attack election campaign.

HOLY FUCK!! This thing is up there with "so bad it's good." And it's whole tone!

"The Liberals are a party embroiled in scandal. The Liberals are a party in the depths of corruption. And what are they going to do next? They're going to run a negative election campaign. Stand up for Canada."

Did it not occur to anyone in the Conservative Party that running an attack ad attacking attack ads is a VERY STUPID IDEA??

Especially, when, so far, the Liberals are the only ones who AREN'T running negative ads. The Conservatives are attacking something that hasn't happened yet! And probably won't happen! But then, as the election campaign kicks into high gear, I guess the Liberals might be rolling out an attack ad or two.

But man, now I've seen everything. A negative ad attacking negative ads.

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