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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wasted my afternoon finally watching Titanic, all beautifully digitally re-mastered for DVD. Whenever I watch a DVD of film I already own on VHS, I'm always amazed at the visible improvment in picture quality. But yeah, it's great to finally have it on DVD. (It's one of the films where I've been waiting for a nicely loaded special edition before buying it again.)

Anyway, I watched Titanic, and, as I got Batman for Christmas, I've been watching Batman a lot lately as well. And those two movies have something in common. When they came out, they were so incredibly fucking popular. I remember that, in the summer of 1989, you couldn't spit without hitting Batman's logo. And then, Christmas 1997, I remember reading the report of a woman who sat and watched Titanic over and over again for 36 hours straight. It's incredible.

So, I'm going to share with you an idea I've had for a long time now. I want to do some kind of creative project someday that's set in the summer of 1989, if only so I can have a character who's seen Batman about a hundred times and constantly dispenses arcane wisdom in the form of quotes from Batman.

I did a little surfing...there is a very similar film coming out. It's called 5-25-77. It's about a teenage boy who loves movies and, one day, his mother pulls some strings so he can go visit a real movie set. Of course, this being the mid-70s, the film set he visits is Star Wars. The kid walks away thinking, "This Star Wars is going to be the greatest movie ever made." The bulk of the film takes place on May 25, 1977 (hence the title), and it's mostly about the kid's odyssey to the movie theatre to see Star Wars. It's a small indie film. It's been bouncing off and on the radar for a few years, and I see it's finally been made and will be coming out this year some time. It was written and directed by a Patrick Reed Johnson, and the film is apparently autobiographical.

But yeah. In that case, the movie hype is core to the plot. In my project, it'll just be the setting, resulting in a quirk of a supporting character.

Just thought I'd share. You'll probably steal it now.... Damn this blogging!

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