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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Latest Column's Up!

This week's offering I like to call A Chick Flick Diguised as an Action Film:

"It’s always kind of amazing to go back and re-visit an incredibly popular film. No matter how much loved they are in the time they are released…no matter how many awards they win…they soon fade from public consciousness, save for a few members of a fanatical cult following. And then, when you dig out your dusty old DVD that you bought in the last spurt of mania over the movie, it becomes a time capsule, reminding you of the time when the movie came out. I’ve been going through this quite a bit lately, as I’ve been buying a lot of brand- new special editions of these films. And the one I’m talking about specifically seems to sum up the 1990s and its times: Titanic."

Read it all!

Sorry that it's not about Kevin Smith. I plan to definitly sit down and write it this week.

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