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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where is this week's column?

Nerd: Spends his free time reading articles on Wikipedia.

Super Nerd: Spends his free tim editing articles on Wikipedia.

I couldn't help it! I was bored. There were some interesting trivia facts I knew about that one thing, so I clicked on "edit," and before I knew it, I was editing an article.

Anyway, I'm just kicking back right now, waiting for my best friend to e-mail me this week's column. No, he didn't write it. He knows some new tricks in HTML, and he wanted to try them out on this week's column. He wanted to be my "special guest publisher," as he put it. He e-mailed me back on Wednesday to tell me that it was pretty much done, just that he needed to do a couple more things to it.

but of course, the clock is ticking down on Sunday and it hasn't arrived yet. I got so used to uploading them on Sunday afternoon just out of boredom.

and the weird thing is, I kind of new this was going to happen. We he first approached me about doing this a week ago, I spetn 24 hours of e-mail going, "It'll be ready by Sunday, right? I'll be ready by Sunday, right?" and he said, "Sure it will!" And, here it is, Sunday, and it ain't here yet.

Oh well. I have a back-up primed and ready to go. Plus, I have that little disclaimer "New one posted by Monday 9AM MST" just to cover my butt in situations like this. there will be a column this week. It just might be up a little later than you're used to.

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