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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Slick Ralphie/the T-Shirts are Right

Ah, I love Alberta. The province, not its government.

I just watched Ralph Klein's annual provincial address. Forget the fireside chats of old, his provincial addresses now are very slickly-produced infomercials for the PC Party.

There, as he was at the the Telus World of Science (formerly the Odysseum, formerly the Space & Science Centre), he surrounded himself with kids and talked about the future.

As always, he really did little more than regurgitate stuff he's already announced.

I dunno. Even since Klein "paid off" the debt, his message has been "more of the same." The same what? We need now a leader with a vision, with a plan for the future, and Klein doesn't have any of that.

Just like his infomercials, Klein is all style, no substance.

Wow. Those T-shirts are right. Canadian girls DO kick ass.

I am, of course, talking about yesterday's 4-1 victory over Sweden to get the gold medal in hockey.

And now, we all sigh, sit down, and go, "Why can't the boys do that well?"

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