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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Postcards That Kick Ass

I saw this postcard in Chapters today, and instantly thought that it was the coolest postcard in the world. I naturally had to buy it for my collection. And at $2.50, it's one of the priciest in my collection.

If there's one thing that I truly miss about Japan to this very day, that's the Japanese stationary shop. It wasn't quite the simple repository of paper, pens, and blank floppy discs like over here. The Japanese stationary shop was also home to some truly beautiful greeting cards.

And racks and racks of postcards just like this one.

My postcard albums are full of postcards similar to this, which I got in Japan. Pages and pages of them.

Man, I miss postcards like this.

Looks like I"ve got nothing scheduled for tomorrow, so I'll be able to sit down and write my article about Kevin Smith. I starting to discover that, even though it was two nights ago, I can't force my memories of it. I kind of need to sit back and let my mind wander, and bit by bit, it comes back to me.

Here's another tidbit. Earlier in the night, Smith was asked the question, "Now that you've achieved your dream, what are your dreams now?" That question kind of took him off guard, and he'd revisit it throughout the night. After the intermission, he said this,

"Actually, when I was younger, I dreamed of opening a deli. It had to do with the fact that I worked in a sandwich shop, and I became really good at making sandwiches. So, I think I'd like to open a deli. It would be a "Jay and Silent Bob" themed sandwich shop, just so I could make a grilled chicken sandwich and call it 'The Cock Smoker.'"

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