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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ghost Rider Review / Kevin Smith News / The Hot New Trailer

Since I had my big day in the city yesterday, I saw me a little movie called Ghost Rider. As is my way, I've got a review up over at the main site.

Give it a read

Here's the latest news on one of my favourite directors, Kevin Smith.

In case you haven't heard, Smith will be directing the pilot episode of a new TV show called Reaper. It's about a couple who sell their son's soul the Devil. When the kid turns 21, the Devil comes to collect, and puts the kid to work hunting down those who've welched on deals with the Devil. (Speaking of Ghost Rider....)

Smith describes the pilot as a horror/comedy in the same vein as Shaun of the Dead. Smith says he's doing it because he always wanted to try his hand at directing something that he didn't write, and while he doesn't have the confidence yet to do that with a film, a 1-hour television pilot was the perfect opportunity.

Smith also let slip that he's working on writing his next two films, and he hopes to film his next two back-to-back, starting in the fall.

And ya know, while I was very disappointed that Ghost Rider didn't have a new Spider-Man 3 trailer in front, like we were promised, this weekend did see a new movie trailer released, for my third-most-anticipated film of the summer of 2007.

(In case you've forgotten, #2 is Transformers and #1 is Spider-Man 3)

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